S -line suspension, is it harsh?


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Dec 28, 2008
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Reading - Berkshire
Looking to change my car for something a bit bigger with less harsh suspension. Is the sline harsh on the a6? I want the sline trim etc. But with a more comfortable ride (the missus isn't happy:() other option I'm looking at is the a8..
I've had a B6 on Eibachs, and a B7 on KW Coilovers. Now I have an S-Line C6, and it is by far the best ride I've had. I wouldn't say it is harsh, certainly harder than the SE C6 I've already had, but I wouldn't say it was too hard.

TBH, the B6 on Eibachs was by far the hardest ride I've had. Jumped about all over the place.

Best thing would be to take a test drive in a C6 S-Line. If it feels to harsh, then the only option is too find an A6 with adaptive air suspension, or an A8 with the same. Plus, if your going from a lovely Stage 2+ B7, you'll find the A6 or A8 completely different. The A6 isn't sporty, its a crusier. Plus, if your going for a petrol, to get the feeling of the sort of power you currently have, you'll need either the 4.2 V8, or the 3.0T V6. Everything else will feel very slow. I have a 3.2 V6, and it feels slower than the 2.0T B7 I had before, despite being 52bhp less.
Was thinking a 3.0tdi and remapping it.
If the a8 I was looking at the 4.2tdi and again adding a remap.
Read about the adaptive air suspension and sounds just what I'm after, tighter for when its just me in the car, but comfy when the wife and kids are in it. Just got an ear bending after going to Bournemouth today about what a terrible car this is when she thought it was meant to be really good....
..unfortunately her idea of really good and mine are on very different ends of the scale...I like a drivers car, she likes an executive taxi...
Plus I blame the local councils the roads are getting worse every day, how they can't manage to dig up the road and fill it so its flat and not like adding a speed bump on a motorway is beyond me. I could do a better job with polyfilla...
A 3.0Tdi would satisfy your power needs I think :)

Only other option on suspension is to retrofit Koni FSDs. Soft when your slow, and hard when your going not so slow.

If you want to, I'm only in Aldershot, you can and the mrs can come and have a test drive/ride in mine of you like?
Not a problem mate, I'm available pretty much anytime as I work from home. And I'd get to have a look at your lovely B7 too!
It sounds like the perfect engine to me. Very tuneable! And you can get those cool carbon fibre 'Supercharged' badges!
[h=2]S -line suspension, is it harsh?[/h]
suspension is fine mate - mine is very comfortable. I'm swapping for air suspension soon though - like riding on clouds!!!

Also the 3.0tdi is the only diesel to get for the C6 - also a map will safely take it to 280/290 bhp - plenty!