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Mar 16, 2011
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Hi all,

Long story but the short version, I was in a car park the other week when from inside the shop I heard a crunch, looked out side to see a car pull away from mine with glass all over the floor, I went bolting out of the shop to see this "normally" great driver had reversed at some speed in to the off side front end of mine only to drive off as if nothing had happened. Anyway after doing the 100m sprint in under 7 seconds to stop this women she came back to say "I thought I had hit a wall" but still would you not get out to look!! Things come from behind when in reverse, this she did not get!!!

Anyway admitted her fault, big of her! The insurance were great came and picked my up took my car to Just car clinic to drop mine off then too Enterprise for a courtesy car, and for the last 3 weeks I have been smoking around in a Jag XF 3.0, very very nice, the inside was stunning although a bit of a barge.
So mine was ready this morning, whilst it was in I got them to do all the alloys. So picked it up this morning and for a 3 year old car it looks brand new the whole front end and bonnet was resprayed so not one stone chip in sight, and gleaming new refurbed alloys.

So albeit a pain in the **** my car feels like new, thanks old lady for not looking back :rockwoot:
I am going to give her a good clean over the weekend, so I will then do some before and after pics.
They were not too bad but whilst it was in having the work done I thought I may as well have them sorted, I have to admit although my wife has her own brand new car she takes mine now and again and likes hitting kerbs!! Though a few were my own fault but keep that to yourself!!

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