Headlight conversion for French roads


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Jun 23, 2012
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Going on hols soon and just looked at headlights on my A3. No markings on glass to show where to put the masking so I don't dazzle traffic when driving on right! Any ideas? It would be great if there was a switch but can't find one...
Go buy yourself some transparent plastic light deflectors. Can be obtained on cross-channel ferry or from Halfords. They come with instructions on how to fit them. Not fantastic light pattern, but will make you legal in France I believe. Have a look at this web site: These are the ones I use. Travel Spot - Eurolites Headlamp Beam Adaptors By the way, for driving in France you will need the following: 2 X Yellow safety vests carried inside the car, Set of spare lamps, Emergency triangle, and 2 X breathalyser packets....new law starting 1st July 2012. However, fines for not carrying the alchohol breathalyser only start 1st November. Other than that, just be extra careful. Happy motoring

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