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Apr 28, 2010
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I've seen a few posts on this but none with pics showing what needs doing. I've just crawled under the car and found the valve (in between some dirty pipes!).

and I can move it with my finger (takes a bit of effort though):


I tried moving the valve with the engine running and there is certainly a change in note. How do you get this valve to stay open? I've seen mention of using cable ties but it I can't really see how to do that. Any pics of it done would be really handy.
It apparently makes the exhaust note slightly louder especially on tick over as both pipes are open. Havent tried it myself but would like to know if this would create any kind of back pressure problems further up the exhaust system.
Just pop the pin out and use a bit of wire to tie the valve open. I tried it, but didn't really notice any difference. It should just give you a little more noise at lower revs if it's permanently open, but like I said I never noticed a change.
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Really? Mine is really annoying. Driving around town with the windows down and it's really obvious. Makes me wonder if there is something wrong with mine.

I've always associated that clicking noise with something under the bonnet, perhaps the diverter valve. Mine certainly still does it with my Milltek (no exhaust valve) fitted.
Just thought i'd update this thread to say that I nipped the vacuum hose leading to the solenoid that activates the valve. Folded it on itself and fastened two zip ties around it and now the valve appears to stay open all the time. No more clicking! And I haven't noticed a great deal more noise from the exhaust either.
I didn't realise my S3 had this valve untill i took the exhaust off and replaced it with a milltek. Something i had noticed was a clicking noise though. Its bugged me for ages, before and after i changed the exhaust. still dont know what it is but there doesnt seem to be anything unusual with the car.
Just go milltek. Ive had a simple milltek back-box and connecting pipe on mine for about 3 months now and it sounds much better than standard exhaust ever could, plus the potential for more power has tempted me to buy all sorts of other modifications like a twintake, hi pressure fuel pump, decat downpipe.

Just do it, you know you want to :)
I had that clicking on mine b4 I put a milltek on and it was the flap on the back box that was doing it

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