Neuspeed induction kit 3.2


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May 2, 2012
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Delivered this morning and fitted. First impression's ,it's coming off as it has made almost no difference sound wise! It might be the custom exhaust that is masking it's sound, i'm not sure! The car is booked in to have a custom map done(vvt tweek) in 2 weeks and should sound better then.
The custom exhaust is coming off next week anyway and going back to the standard one, it may sound better then.

Anyone else have an induction kit on there 3.2, if so what did you think?
Hello Jason,

We have had some good feedback with Neuspeed P-flo kits.
They are not very loud but you do gain induction noise.
As you mentioned the exhaust may be draining the induction noise out.

Well in that short time I have spoke to the insurance company and they won't cover the filter, so it's off and up for sale!
If a mod wants to close this post that would be cool.

Its a shame I must be getting old, as I had the exhaust fitted and its coming off,too noisey! thought i'd get an induction kit and didn't like it.
Think standard is best from now on! LOL
jas u should look to getting a golf r32 exhaust after market or standard, they are a straight fit on the a3 3.2's only thing that needs adjusted or played with is the rear diffuser which is easy enough, they sound so much bettermore rassssp than the a3 exhausts and custom ones and after market ones i will be doing this in the new year
I think for me it was a case of do I still want to modify, so I started with the exhaust then a filter etc... I realise now I just want to get in and drive. I'm blaming old age!!!