anyone got a 2004 b6 s4 ???


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Oct 8, 2004
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if so whats the crack with the memory seats ? how do u make them remember ? is there a switch
Yep but I haven't got the memory seats. IIRC though the setting of them is in the manual.
Every car I have had with memory seats you do the following...

adjust seat/mirrors into position
press the memory button
then within 3 secs press 1,2 or 3 quickly to store it.
isnt it like the aircon settings, where it remembers any changes you make automatically, and simply associates the memory and those changes with the currently inserted ignition key.. put in the 'other' key and it changes to the memory settings for that key.. I know mine does that for the aircon, but i dont have memory seats, but im sure the dealer explained it that way..
You definately have to manually save them as there are three buttons. The keyfob seems to only remember which button and not the actual settings...if that makes sense!
Do you have memory seats firstly?.. If so , there will be a number of memory buttons plus one red button I think located in the door pocket.
The std electric seats are not memory.
911 how many plugs are there on the bottom of your seat ? 3 ?