Will the problems never end... well this time I have had enough!!!!


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May 21, 2012
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Ok well I have had my car for about 7 weeks, As said before its a b6 1.9tdi Avant multitronic 90k on the clock, which was bought from a dealer (or stealer as hes now becoming) for the better part of £6k.. dont ask, I thought it was a good one :-( . Since owning it it went back to them for a new gearbox ecu as well as needing new rear shocks (which I got fitted). I also had a new water coolant sensor fitted when I had it in at my local Audi for a health check (another £130)

Well.......... it went in to my mates garage today for an oil/filters change and regassing of the aircon. It turns out the air con pump is shot and the pulleys moving around all over the place, plus, looking at my fuel economy (see below) I recon it also needs a new MAF. As you can guess this will be a good amount to fix (£500+ springs to mind)

I think I am now at the point where I have had enough and they can have it back!!!.... I understand it's my right regardless of what warranty rubbish they throw at me?

Sorry about the rant again but I just can't believe my luck :-(

As I'm here I don't suppose anyone has a A4 b6/b7 1.9/2.0 tdi Avant for sale for around £5k . Obviously with a good time before cambelt, good history etc. Not too fussed about leather as off to southern France shortly for a while and that probably won't help but it has to be reliable!!!!!!

£6k! I could have almost bought 3 of mine for the price of that! Hopefully you can get your money back, so far it sounds like a nightmare!
Oh I can and I will :gun2: ... what can I say.. I had a crazy moment and didn't do enough research. I won't be doing that again!.
Is it an Audi dealer? I cant see anyone taking it back after 7 weeks tbh.
It's not an audi dealer but an independent. As I understand it, I don't think they will have much choice..
Sorry to hear about your misfortune with the new car.

7 Weeks is possibly a bit to long to be asking to return it scot free.
leaky lloyd recently rebuilt the air con compressor clutch on is m8 dont think it was to much of a job...
Cheers for the responses guys. Tbh I'm in 2 minds over the car. Given the amount of work thats been done already, and once the aircon is fixed, there's not much left to go wrong so may be worth keeping her. It is a tidy example. If I do go for another motor it still has the potential for problems, at least I know where I stand with this one.

Whatever the end result is, I don't expect to pay nigh on 6k for a car from a dealer only for it to need a further 2.5k to be spent on it within 6 weeks of ownership..would you guys not agree?

Right now the balls in their court. If I do end up having to pay for it then I think I'll get legal advice..either way I do know it shouldnt be me footing the bill
i work in a garage with a small sales car side.

9 weeks ago we sold a focus for 2k......... just today weve fitted a pair of new front shocks, foc. cus one of them has failed.

they should have properly inspected your car identifing and rectifing faults before it was put up forsale and certainly rectified before you took delivery.
if on their initial inspection they found faults they wernt prepared to pay to rectify then they should have traded the car on.

was the aircon not working when you got it?
Yeah the aircon was working but broke about 3 days ago. The shocks (i have written proof) and the gearbox were def an issue when I picked the car up but not mentioned, and thus not discovered until a week later when Audi kindly pointed that out.

Thus far I'm far from impressed.
unfortanatly components can and will fail m8.... however hard you or the dealer inspect the car.... get it fixed DIY m8
I couldnt agree more and I am not knocking dealers at all but the first probs should not have been there at the start, the aircon however should be the one thats covered under their 'warranty'. I personally already think I've been too nice as i had the shocks fitted as well as replacing the coolant sensor with my own money, these were issues that were there on day 1 but I was unaware of...thus faulty (very in this case) goods
Don't worry m8 I am, it is a nice motor tbh, it just had some fundamental problems that needed to be sorted. I'm hoping that once the aircon is sorted that should be it for some time.. fingers crossed. I'm just glad this has all happened now as I'm off to France for 6 months in a weeks time.

The most annoying thing for me is the lack of acceptance of the problems by the dealer, oh and the total lack of communication!