Stuttering, no power and blackpool illuminations


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May 13, 2009
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Im a bit of a newbie to the forum. but ill get pics uploaded shortly.

Im on my 2nd S3 (2001) now and i am having problem with power. My first was far more powerfull and responsive but an older 210bhp.

When turbo spooling at what i would think is peak power its massivley and suddenly dropping (like a bucking donkey) like its only firing on 3 cylinders but without the missfire.

Also when topping the revs out while its stuttering the engine management light is flashing and staying on, but when i take foot off, slow down and power on again then when the turbo comes in the light dissapears.

Any Idea's?


Only other thing to note is i have some type of Forge DV but not sure which one.
I thought it might be a coil pack or a boost /vacuum leak. I dont know how much coil packs are.

I havent been able to get it scanned as yet as dont have the software my self. Do coil packs show up on vagcom?
need more help its getting worse.

now when i put foot down the tubo will come in and then go off and i have no power at all, worse than driving a standard 1.8.

when i take foot back off then back on i get turbo back but still stuttering.

is this the coil packs?

what channel should i check on the aircon diagnostics? as dont have access to vagcom at the moment.
Sorry to bring an old thread back to light again.

i have semi sorted the problem now thanks for your help. BUT...

i have scanned codes and found a missfire on cylinder 3 ( whichever 3 is ?) i changed all coil packs anyway.

i have changed plugs and done an oil change while in the mood.

the stuttering is almost all gone but i can still feel a slight hesitation on boost.

The scan also brought up a mechanical malfunction on the N249 valve so i did the bypass and this did help but now i hear turbo wooosh on the driver side aswell as where i would expect on the passenger side. ( is this usual? )

would the faulty N249 cause stutter??

What else can i do?
Hi dude have a look at the wireing harness to each of the coil packs, they could be split/corroded, also the n249 would cause a problem if malfunctioning but once replacing or doin the bypass it should be sorted i would think? Also unplug the maf to see if the problem goes away, if it does your maf is buggerd. Also check for leaks under the inlet mani fold, little rubber pipes always split. Hope this helps.