electric windows gone the way of the pear !!! help needed !!!

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Apr 17, 2010
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hi all,

so im driving home today when i decide i need a bit of air, down comes the window,, making a bit of a strange noise,, not from the motor,,, from behind the door card,
2 or 3 open and closes and its completely kaput !
i can still here the motor, so i presume its just a cable or clip that has come out of its housing.
how wrong can i be,, i remove the door card to find the cables are trapped and twisted and even snapped and tangled around the abs pulley !

so with all that said,, does anyone know if i can get single parts and cables or will i need to buy a full window pack ?

i would really appreciate help looking for part numbers and diagrams so i can see which parts i need,
i know some may think,, do it yourself, and i honestly would but i havent got the faintest clue where to start,
any help greatly appreciated,

thanks !
Hey fella my drivers door went a while ago here is a good write up on how to get to it and replace it!

DIY: B6 A4 Window Regulator & Motor Replacement

There are various kits available from just the wires and pulley on ebay, my advice is get a genuine replacement as I got one from GSF and while it works its not as good at the genuine Audi parts!!!

I have the passenger side to do now as that went the other day! I am going to replace both sides again with genuine audi parts when the funds allow.

Be prepared to also need some of the clips that hold the rubber seals around the door as they are a ******, plus they are not cheap from Audi either!
Happened to me a while ago too, the cable frayed and went both ways around the pulley, and ingested itself. Not a bad job to do, everything came apart real easy, just make sure the rearward top of the door is tucked into the seal well when the door is closed as all the others are, you'll get some wind noise if it isnt... you might have to calibrate the motor closing position too, I think from memory, with the door closed you switch the ignition on, then off, and close the window with the first click on the switch. Then it should be ok. If it needs calibrating it wont close fully or will open again slightly when you close it.
Someone will know exactly if my description isnt quite right.....
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Mate Id just hook it all up without putting the motor into the door and let it cycle through just to make sure its in the right place....that said it may only be an issue if it failed half open and you couldnt get it closed again before you fixed it?!

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