What a nice pub...not

Bieng born and bred in Coventry (not massively proud of the fact) Browns Bar has a lot of history with refusing entry to patrons for no reason, and no reasons given.There is no dress code, its whether your face fits.Its a stones throw away from both cathedrals, next to an art gallery and built on the grounds of a public toilet (how appropriate).For years they have practiced this door code, even against tourists, pensioners, married couples et all.And they are nasty with it.Normal people in the city avoid the place like the plague.The owner is a nasty piece of work and im sure the refusal would have been made even had he been there.The blokes a tw*t.But hey, its his and he decides who comes in.I hope he goes bust.Its definately not a case of not wanting to let the scum in....id support him with that.....but its ordinary people.
@stateofplay, thats a sad post mate.Im just glad that my parents generation didnt have that attitude or we'd all be nazis with obligatory moustaches.Only if you were blond though.
Violence? Im surprised it hasnt happened years ago.
Same here John
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Agreed, so much lack of respect these days... especially the little chav's that brick the emergency services as they attend an incident.
Mindless Muppets need putting down simples!!

Yep, another thing to add to the list of what a well placed shot would solve :yes:
Facebook is the worst bloomin thing on the go. Anyone can start a campaign about anything.

Whilst it is a bit of a drift from the original subject of the the thread, I have to agree here that Facebook is just awful. It gives a platform and an easy mouthpiece to some of the most cretinous and moronic sub-species in modern society. You will never get me anywhere near it.
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