Help !! Drivers door won't open !!


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May 18, 2012
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As above my drivers door won't unlock what should I do ??
tried it from inside, outside, lock with key, lock with remote, lock with inside button

then vcds it and run an output test
Tried all the above I don't know anyone with vcds does this mean I'll have to bring it to main dealer ?
put your ear to the outside of the door where the catch is. is it making a noise when you press the unlock button?
if it does go to passenger door and do the same. does it sound different?

a clunk insted of a lighter click?

if both sides are making a noise then its unlikely to be electrical and more likely a mech problem within the catch.

youll then need to get the door card off somehow (still with the door shut as it wont open) and butcher the plastic off back side of the catch and use a screw driver to move the little internal levers till you can open it.
It's definitely making a clunking noise the same as the passenger door ! I can't see how I'll get the door card off anyone ever had the same problem ?
Try banging the door while operating the lock.
Try banging the door while operating the lock.

and say "open sesame" at the same time while crossing your fingers for good measure.

or better still get harry potter round. he'll get it open in no time!

getting the door card off.
if youve never had one off before find a guide on here, then id start by looking at the passenger door card and remove that one so you can familiarise yourself with how if fits.
then you can workout how to get the drivers one off without breaking it too much! but you are guna have to damage it in someway.
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All sorted I ended up cutting an 8in hole in the door card it get in at it I recon the solenoid in the lock was jammed a few bangs and it was all sorted I'm gonna take it apart and clean and lubricate ith insides of the locking mechanism and then get a door card from the breakers !!
lol you chopped into the door card? hahaha.

well done on the original thinking! id think about a new door catch tho. or atleast price one up from tps. they might not be as expencive as you thought......
Had no choice seeing as the door card goes right into the jamb of the door getting it off would have been impossible I will price up a new lock cheers buddy