Vagcom error 17705 and intermittent stalling


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Nov 9, 2009
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Hi guys,

I have the 17705 code up, has been there on and off ever since I got the car and the previous owner also had it (they changed the DV to a Forge one but code kept coming back). The car is a 2001 facelift 1.8T Quattro (ARY engine code).

Recently, I have been getting an intermittent problem with stalling, in that when I depress the clutch the revs fall down to zero instead of dropping to 800ish and levelling off. Sometimes the engine catches itself and doesn't stall, after which it idles around 800rpm, other times it will just cut out. It starts again immediately but the problem persists. It is intermittent in that it can happen for a whole journey, but say 3 hours later when I return to the car it will be running fine.

I know a number of things can throw up 17705 including a boost leak due to split hoses, but where should I be looking? Please bear in mind my knowledge of the engine bay, layout and pipes is VERY limited so please spell it out to me if you can!! Failing that, anybody else had similar symptoms that could give me any ideas of what to be checking?

Thanks in advance for any pointers,
Air leak by the sounds... one of the vacuum pipes under the inlet manifold and/or PCV pipes... anything thats rubber or plastic pipe wise really... also SAI vac pipes too... a smoke test would show you if you can't spot it easily... other tell tale sign is oil... oil should be in the engine and not covering the outside... if pipes look oily and/or surrounding hardware then chances are its from a nearby leak...

other tell tale sign is oil... oil should be in the engine and not covering the outside...


Lmao! Funny , but so true........
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Cheers Tufty for the suggestions, managed to have a root around my bay earlier today. Couldn't find any obviously bust pipes, except for the following (the small black plastic pipe coming from the DV - further down it hits a 'T' piece and all 3 are split) however looking at it, it carries wires and so I can't imagine this would be my problem!? Saying that, there was a lot of gunk near to the split by the T piece.


Another thing I noticed was all the gunk on my DV


I can't imagine that is normal!? I cleaned it off the outside but not sure what else I can do about it.

After reading various other things, I am also of the opinion that my throttle body could do with a clean, although I doubt this could cure the stalling issue. If I clean it, do I have to reset it afterwards with VCDS? I only have VCDS-Lite for fault scanning and so don't think I can do it from that. Reading about, others say you should whilst others say driving about will enable the ECU to reset it. I don't want to cause any issues by not resetting with VCDS if I have to!!

Again, any responses/suggestions will be greatly received!
One suggestion... Bin the Split-R DV and get a 007/008p... Split-R's are junk... atmos valves are no good for this engine/ECU combo and the Split-R is neither a good recirculating or atmos valve...