Drivers side carpet footwell wet!!


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Jun 17, 2012
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I have alarm bells ringing after I lifted the audi rubber carpet on the driver side to clean the car to find it wet. I had this happen to my a6 c5 back in the day and it ruined all the wiring and the ccm so I dont want to go through all that. It has not been long since as I have cleaned the car 3 weeks ago and it was dry. My initial though was something is blocked in the front windscreen scuttle area or a seal is damaged. I will tear things apart and have a look, have you guys come across this before? Passanger side is dry, it is a 06 8p if it is of any help.
pretty common on most cars to be honest.

perished door seals or as you say scuttle panel bunged up with rubbish.

even the seals at the bottom of the windscreen can go and water can trickle in down behind the dash and underneath the carpet.
I've got exactly the same issue. Digging I found there is water running down the wiring loom on the right hand side of the driver side footwell every time the rear washer is operated.. Just wish I need where to go from there to fix it!