Rust on wings


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Jun 3, 2012
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stockton on tees
My car was inspected by Teesside Audi yesterday for rust on both wings and a little bit just above the rear number plate its an 06 plate what should i expect from them as it has not got a full audi service history ? all paint depths are around 121 to 126 on his gauge,has anyone had problems with there wings?also said they would repair rather than replace them i was under the impression it would come back?has anyone had problems with there wings or boot? sorry if this had been addressed before but could only find stuff on doors and roof.

cheers Dan
I have some paint bubbling indicative of rust on my rear wheel arches, a lot on the nearside and a bit on the offside. Its going in for a service on Friday so I'll ask about it then. It was approved used and has had FASH since then so I'll see what they say and let you know. Fingers crossed!
properly repaired the rust won't come back, repair should come with some kind of warranty anyway
If the PDG comes back with good readings then it should be a warranty job.
Unless it looks like it has developed from a stone chip or similar then it will be a no go.
The lad who done the inspection said its a common fault caused by the inner wings rubbing on the paint work,i never had a problem with my old audi's and ibiza though :uhm:, he said it was a problem right across the VAG group
its a known problem