S3 pop noise on start up from cold


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Feb 11, 2011
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Newcastle upon Tyne
My S3 amk makes a pop noise when started dfrom cold. Seems to come from
in the engine bay towards the centre / near side. Runs sweet as a nut and no codes.
I am not sure whether my case would apply to yours. My car starts very rough when the engine is cold but then when the engine is getting warmer, the car runs as normal and the pop sound has gone too. Mentioned that symptom to a mechanic who said that the head gas kit has to be replaced. He said its because of the oil has leaked towards the spark plugs. When the engine stays overnight, the oil has actually run down to the spark plugs.But when the engine gets warm, these oil has burned and then the problem will be gone.

This is just my experience though. I am just an IT guy but his explanation makes a bit sense... And now the issue has fixed.
Bump any ideas anyone? Sounds like a hose expanding then popping under pressure sort of noise, if that makes any sense?
Ive checked all hoses and all ok!
Problem solved! It was the Forge 007p. I've recently had the car REVO'd and when I changed the spring I noticed that the valve was sticky. Cleaned it up and regressed and now all is good!

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