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Jun 3, 2012
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stockton on tees
hey all just got a A3 sportback 2.0tfsi,some great threads here,looking forward to getting some hints,tips and advice,

cheers dan
Hi Dan, welcome to ASN. Glad you have been looking round the forum. Any pics of your car? Hope you enjoy the forum. :) x
Very nice looking car. Love the colour. :)x
Hello and welcome, I must say it looks very tidy and I love the panoramic roof as Sandra said cracking colour.

thanks Sandra and Chris,i hate the wheels there the first thing to go and then see where i go from there:ninja:
Hey dan welcome along fell im from hardwick up in stockton where abouts are you?
Welcome to the forum mate. My mother lives in Spennithorne Road, my sister at Elmtree and my brother at Ingleby Barwick. Enjoy your new motor
welcome man, car looks super tidy ! im from near redcar and my girlfriend lives in thornaby, keep an eye out for a blue 8l a3 with an sticker in the rear drivers side window. gis a flash or a wave :thumbsup:
Duno mate i live in torquay and not been on this forum long, what school did you go i went to our lady and st bedes but that was awhile ago im 30 now like lol.
location Torqauy should have give it away to me :think:i went to school in Billingham,northfield,you have a good 5 years on me mate,how you finding the forum?cost me money everyday lol
Yea forum great fella by far the best audi forum around!!

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