Water Leak in Driver Side Footwell


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Jan 1, 2012
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Hi Chaps,

Help much appreciated!

Got bucket loads of water pooling in my driver side footwell. I keep sucking it up with the vacuum but it comes back quickly. It doesn't really have any smell to it, I'm sure it's not coolant as I've been keeping an eye on the level.

If anyone can suggest anything to me, it'd be much appreciated. Did a search but not much was returned.

Its a 53 plate 140 tdi if that makes any difference..
either door seals or make sure theres no leaves in the part underneath the windscreen where the drain holes are, they need to be clear.
You need to remove the scuttle panel, clean all the debris out and make sure the drainage channels are clear. Also make sure the seal at the bottom of the window screen hasnt perished.

Cheers for both your inputs! I'll remove the scuttle and take it from there.. Could it be anything to do with the rear washer pipe?
Please Help!

Done further digging, removed the scuttle, driver wheel arch and driver footwell carpets.

All I can see is water running down the wiring loom on the right hand side of the driver footwell. Every time the rear washer is operated a huge amount of water gushes down the wiring loom and into the footwell. The rear washer still operates with good pressure.

It looks as though it must be at the top back of the dash..? I hoped removing the scuttle would show me the problem but I was left non the wiser.

Someone please help me, I'm well and truly stuck!!

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