It's a wrap!! - or it will be soon


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Jun 5, 2011
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well after a year of ownership, this weekend i am finally about to vinyl wrap my car, Glacier White all over apart from the roof which will be Metallic Black. I have been wanting to do this ever since i saw a few white A4's on the net

A couple of photos below as it is now & hopefully i can add a few more along the way as the vinyl is applied!!

let me know how it goes, been thinking about getting mine vinyl wrapped. Just been for a quote on a few minor scratches and dents repaired at the body shop and given a quote of £1250 :( so a wrap might be more economical.
are you wrapping it your self? and how much do you think it will set you back?

kind regards
well got a fair bit fitted today, until rain stopped play! very pleased with the results so far, though i do have a couple of bits that need tidying up.

AudiAndy - yes i am fitting the wrap myself i work for a sign company, mainly doing the computer design & manufacture work, the vinyl i bought for £240 plus VAT approx, but i think i may need to order a few metres more. I have been fitting vinyl for about 10 years though this is my first full wrap.

Greeny - to be honest with you, i think you would be looking at the same sort of price for a full wrap, depending on colours, etc...

cheers more photos to be added soon.
​That looks really impressive, its a huge transformation. Well done. :)x
Looks great! Not a job for a beginner really though.

Does it look a good close up? Guessing it will have a definite life span?..
looking good
Looks well thus far :thumbsup:

Graphite grey alloys and a de-chrome next??

As above, what is the expected lifespan on exterior vinyls?
thanks very much for all the comments, few more photos attached plus a couple of close ups to see the finish. It's definitely not a job for a beginner, you do need to have an understanding of how the vinyl reacts to heat, stretching, etc...
I have been in the sign industry for over 10 years bue even working on this project i have learnt a couple of new ways to fit.

The vinyl is supposed to have a durability of up to 10 years, but if this is achievable i don't know, guess i will have to wait & see!

Audiesel - sorry, forgot to reply - yep i definitely would like to change the wheels in the future, but this will have to wait for the money tree to grow!!!

Got to convince the missus about the de-chrome, she likes it as it is

I feel so lucky in actually having a white avant. Lol.

Looks awesome tho, any other plans for it?
how long does this stuff last/stay on the car
Looks good. Reminded me of how jaw-dropping CFoster's S4 looked when he wrapped that white!
quick update, only managed to get the drivers front door on yesterday before the rain set in which was highly annoying!!

No other plans yet Phil, i was thinking maybe bigger wheels, but the standards now seem to look bigger so will run with these for now.

Simon - Not sure how long it will last so it is a bit of an experiment really, but the technical data from the supplier states a 10 year lifespan.

Yes James, that car was the reason i wanted mine white, just looks really clean & seems to suit the shape of the car.

Bonnet & roof will be done tomorrow when i take it to work & get some help from the lads in the office.
ten years that is really good i like the idea of a black a4 ;-)
Can we get some pics of inside the door checks to see how it's finished off. Looks stunning and confirms my thought that the B6 suits white, don't think I've seen many around. Would love my S4 in white.
I think that on white cars, you wouldn't need to even change your current wheels, just respray them (I've used Ford Graphite Grey in the past and it is just the right amount of dark, almost matches the colour of tyres). You will be suprised how much bigger your 17's look when matt black.

I personally like the chrome trim , but on dark cars as the contrast works well. Now that yours is white, the contrast would be better the other way, all personal pref. of course.

Looking forward to the finished job!

Audiesel - sorry, forgot to reply - yep i definitely would like to change the wheels in the future, but this will have to wait for the money tree to grow!!!

Got to convince the missus about the de-chrome, she likes it as it is

thanks for all your comments, i was on a mission today to get it done, which it now practically is!! - just the mirrors to finish off properly, underneath the rear spoiler, but the overall look is done, & I'm very pleased with it

Now to tackle the inside of the doors, and tidy up a few edges that are a little bit messy
Quality job mate ! As said before wheel colour change ??
when you open door is it grey still or you wrapped it all
morning, thanks for the comments, i printed the quattro decals myself James, though may get a couple of the proper '3D' boot badges to replace them, i need to order a new Audi rings badge for the boot.

the vinyl is quite thick so does cover small paint imperfections nicely, my bonnet, bumper and front wings were quite stone chipped & have been hidden nicely, though a couple of the larger chips do show up. i will try and put up a close up of these.

Not sure about the wheels Stubie, i'm going to leave them as they are for the moment, i quite like the silver wheels.

I've still got to do inside the doors, at the moment i have just used the excess vinyl to wrap inside the door about 5mm or so, cheers
That looks amazing! Does it have a paint-like shine to it? I would say it might need some flashier wheels to match the bold colour.
Some of the detailing brands are now making cleaning products for wrapped paintwork ! Can't remember whether it was on elite carcare or polished bliss though !!
the vinyl does have a gloss finish to it, but it isn't as shiny as paintwork, thanks for the suggestions Stubie, i was thinking of looking for a wax, so will have a look on both sites, cheers
Really nice :hubbahubba: ... I quite fancy doing my black Avant in a white wrap ... how much did this set you back ?

I fancy leaving the roof black, spraying the RS6's in Black, tinting the windows, and then spraying the grills black too... :idea:
That looks ****** fantastic - I like the fact it covers any paint imperfections & protects.
New wheels will set it off nicely.