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Jul 7, 2010
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Can you colour code the standard lower trims on the doors ok?

Im gettin a new front bonnet and lower s-line front bumper so want to colour code at the same time.

Any tips or anything i need to tell the bodyshop?

Trying to find a set is hard enough, and i think i prefer the smoother look to be honest.
Find me a cheap set and ill do it.

Otherwise can i get some help on what im actually asking for? Thanks.
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The sills and door blades are made of the same material and the front and rear lowers, so I'm sure the bodyshop would know how to prepare them properly.

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as james said the body shop will no whats needed to be fair i did mine my self had the paint made up and you cant really tell so a body shop will have no problems at all
Whats the difference with the s-line skirts? Arent they just colour coded versions or are they different?
heres the ones i just bought

they are just standerd ones paul as far as i no there is no s.line side skirts
they look the same as mine mate when i took mine off to paint them think you will see when you take your ones off to fit them if they are or not but looking at them they look the same in that photo