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Apr 27, 2012
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Hi guys, just s quick question for those in the know, as the title says EGR Bypass and DPF delete is it really worth it ? Im not really interested in more power and my reasons for the bypass / delete would be purely preventitive " the less there is to go wrong " sort of thing. I know a remap will be needed and i will gain a few bhp, but like i said im not really bothered about that.
Car is A4 2.0TDI S LINE 170, injectors have been replaced + full service etc and is running quite well at the mo apart from a slight " hickup " about 2000rpm when its running steady in traffic ( the cause of which is unknown at the mo, undergoing the process of elimination )
Any comments appreciated.

yes its worth it.
my mate did it on his Alfa 159 2.4 TDI.
you will notice the car is more responsive, better MPG, if mapped correctly with a stainless steel exhaust you might get up to 220 BHP.

the downside is you wiil notice more smoke as you accellerate but the amount of smoke depends on who maps the car.
secondly if you car is 2008 or 2009 onwards then the DPF is a legal requirement. but then its down to your local friendly MOT fella. WINK!! WINK!!
I had my EGR replaced with a machined ally pipe from Darkside Developments and I took my car to Lion Garage in Hay on Wye and they had a replacement pipe made up for the DPF - rather than gut the DPF and weld it back up.

Its been fine so far. It doesn't smoke either which is a good thing. I do have a problem with losing coolant but I believe this was already present before the work was carried out - hadn't had the car long and it was low on arrival at Lion.
Thanks for the replys guys.
If you don't want a power increase, you could just do a dpf removal & stage 0 remap!

DPF is NOT mot requirement
Funnily eniough i have just been speaking to the guys at Shark in Nottingham about that very thing, sounds like the route i will be going down.

On some cars, no it isn't, however on your engine, very much yes, the difference is phenomenal!!!
Totally worth it, I went the new pipe route as the DPF pipes where very restrictive. I'm also running a Darkside EGR blank pipe.

It's transformed the car not just power wise but drivability is vastly improved and I find myself using 6th gear a lot more.

It wont give bhp rise however it will be that bit more responsive, i defo recommend this. You will definitely notice the difference.
I had dpf/egr removal and remap from Rick and the car has never drove so good, I can highly recommend getting it done.
Thanks again Rick :)
me to, with out doubt the best thing i have spent money on doing, you also get exellent back up with rick if needed and he is a very knoledgable guy!

highly recommended.
mine will be getting done in the next few weeks by rick :) can't wait
Really interested in having this done on the my 140, got a few questions though.........What sort of peformance gains would I get? What is the cost? Also is the DPF not required for MOT's? I've also heard a rumour that in the future garages will be checking for remaps as part of the MOT?


can you not buy the buy pass pipes ( and self fit ) then get a re map ? would be interted to know what people are charging for this work. does no one do the pipes off the shelf ?
Totally worth it, I went the new pipe route as the DPF pipes where very restrictive. I'm also running a Darkside EGR blank pipe.

It's transformed the car not just power wise but drivability is vastly improved and I find myself using 6th gear a lot more.


This is what i have. Good mod imo. The Darkside EGR pipe has a little grub screw you could fit a nipple too for a boost gauge.

Chrisd1983 - the 140 does not have a dpf.
Chrisd1983 - the 140 does not have a dpf.

Is this true? Bit of an old thread so apologies but I have just had a new turbo fitted, and wondered what caused the old one to go. Assumed (as you would) it could be linked to dpf. But I have a 2.0tdi (07) 140.. ?
Yes, an 07 140 does not have a dpf
Interesting reading this...

Firstly, to my knowledge, DPFs are nothing to do with the MOT. The test does not test for particulates on emissions in this country and removal of the DPF does not affect the static emissions test.

There are some rumours from the tree hugging fraternity that in future cars should be tested for soot and particulate emissions, but they are nothing more than rumours. There are no official plans to test for particulates yet.

I have just purchased an 06 TDI 140 Cabriolet. Am I right in assuming now that this does NOT have a DPF?

If so, then brilliant! One less thing to worry about!
i looked into this and had my astra 150 cdti diesel booked into Angel Tuning for dpf delete and remap (would have taken it to 200bhp and around 300lb's :o.k:)........but then trading in against new 2004avant 1.8t sport - i'm very happy to get back into a VAG product - great build and nice touches throughout rather than the cheaper vauxhall build etc.

As previously posted 'at the moment' the DPF is not an mot requirement as they measure emmisions not what the car uses to acheive that reading. It did worry me that at some point the government could make the DPF and mot requirement but i'm not sure how they would discover it had been taken out....barring a mot shop seeing the re-weld on the exhaust box? I'm aware the tuners wont let you take the DPF home in a black bag which i'd have kept in garage in case it needed to go on at a later stage etc.

I'd certainly take the plunge unless i was doing constant motorway mileage - the regeneration process needs 15 odd miles at good speed to finish and if it does not finish i think it causes issues....

From my research i'd certainly look at Angel Tuning based around Oxford.
Just from my experience on various motoring forums, I have read hundreds of responses from people who have had the EGR delete, remap and/or DPF replacement pipe fitted on anything from VAG cars to Alfa 159s to BMWs and so on and I have yet to see one that ever said that they regretted doing the mod. All of them said that they got improved reliability, better economy, smoother running, better performance and so on.

The only downside I have ever heard of is that the engine does take a little longer to warm up on colder mornings. I'm sure most could live with that.

I am looking to get the EGR on my B6 1.9 TDI 130 Quattro Sport deleted very soon and the car remapped and also the EGR delete, DPF replacement pipe (if it has one) and remap done on the new B7 2.0 TDI 140 Cabriolet as soon as possible. Its an absolute no brainer.

Just for the record too, if the Govt bring in a particulates test as part of the MOT and make DPFs compulsory in the future it is highly doubtful that it will be done retrospectively and will apply to cars registered before the ruling is brought in.

I was clearing the dpf on the motorway once a week, the car used to feel lumpy and sluggish. I used to waste fuel and time doing this, it was really annoying!

So I did some research as many companies do the dpf delete. In the end I booked it in with Rick @ Unicorn and he did a great job. He didn't quote me very high figures in order to get a sale - which alot of companies do, he was big on the reliability factor.. I opted for the the dpf delete and power increase.

The car now has been transformed as drives alot smoother and revs freely. It does smoke a little just like any remapped diesel when off boost.
This sounds interesting, does anyone know of a reputable company on the West Midlands that does the DPF delete? Also, if Audi serviced/MOT the car with the DPF deleted, would they moan about it?
The only thing Audi would have issues about would be the manufacturers warranty. I would imagine that any after market changes such as DPF deletes etc would VOID the warranty.

Apart from that I doubt that anyone would even notice.

Of course you have to bear in mind that if you take the car to Audi for routine servicing after you had got the EGR & DPF done and required remap, and they don't know about it, they will automatically plug your car into their computers and start updating the ECU software for bug fixes etc and will bu99er up your remap.

For anyone whos into trying this themselves , the dpf can be cut open from underneath on the b7, three 16mm holes are then drilled through the dpf honeycomb while leaving the cat honeycomb intact.this has the same effect as a dpf delete but never causes the ecu to detect the dpf as clogged.
Basically the dpf never regenerates, but is detected as fully functioning .saves you around 200 quid on a dpf software delete
Hello , how would someone know if the dpf has been removed or tampered with ... Can vcds find this? , I believe mine Has had something gone to it but not sure.
If you don't want a power increase, you could just do a dpf removal & stage 0 remap!

DPF is NOT mot requirement

I do love it when people quote things as the truth without actually knowing and I don't mean that in a harsh way but information on here is precious and should be VERY ACCURATE.

Here is what I know for FACT. This comes directly from the website


Tests for diesel cars and lorries are to be tightened up to ensure vehicles have a critical exhaust filter if one had originally been fitted as standard, Roads Minister Robert Goodwill has announced.

Garages and testing stations will be required check for a diesel particulate filter (DPF) in the inspection of the exhaust system as part of the MOT test (or annual test for heavy vehicles) from February 2014.

The vehicle will automatically fail the MOT test if the filter had been fitted as standard but is found to be no longer present.

The filter works by trapping solid particulate matter from exhaust gases. This type of filter has been in use for more than 20 years and helps meet European emission standards, improving air quality and health standards.

Some firms offer services to remove the filter, claiming it will improve the economy. But it is an offence to drive a vehicle that has been modified this way, as it will no longer meet the emissions standards the car achieved when it was approved for sale in the UK.

I hope this is crystal clear to all and saves extortionate costs removing, de-coring and messing about with DPF's. If the correct procedure is applied to re-generation when necessary you will have hundreds of thousands of miles happy soot free motoring. If you read the cars handbook it should explain the procedure. If not call your Dealer and ask for advice. Ignore this and the manuals advice at your peril.

As a final tip........don't believe everything you hear or read on here. ALWAYS do your own research and check against others opinions. If in nothing..... and ask more questions from people who actually know.

Hope this helps everyone who reads this.


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hi people. I have had my dpf removed and egr delete on my audi a3 2.0 tdi 167 bhp. I was just wondering should you actuary need to remove the egr valve its self as my egr is still there, but the software has been removed out, but i am having running issues seems to be holding back like it is miss firing need help as its doing my head in to the point i want to get rid of the car even though i have just bought it thanks
I've got my EGR deleted with a map and I don't have to blank mine off.....but it all depends on how they have mapped it out.

I haven't had my DPF deleted yet as I'm trying to find a DPF off a 170 to send to my pal @ to see how much his dad will charge for making a genuine straight swap pipe for the DPF.

If you have never heard of them click on the above link and check out their work.....absolutely awesome craftsmanship, if you saw some of their manifolds you wouldn't want to put it onto the car but on the mantle piece as they are a work of art.

Oh and did I mention that they make the exhaust systems for Red Bulls F1 Team.
Oh and the bad running maybe the same as I had after I had it was the Manifold Flap Actuator.

Seems to be a fair few with the same problem both past and present.
The 140 does have a DPF. The engine is BPW. I removed the DPF and EGR from mine as well as mapped it to 180bhp. It made a big difference in how the car feels and performs. This is how the car should have been from factory. Fuel economy hasn't even decreased.
Oh and the bad running maybe the same as I had after I had it was the Manifold Flap Actuator.

Seems to be a fair few with the same problem both past and present.
is that the throttle body? did you have it replaced or could it be cleaned
As far as I'm aware the 140's didn't come with a DPF from the factory but the 170's did. The only way a 140 got a DPF was as an optional extra that was a FREE upgrade.

Have you got a picture of it as they can look similar?

Would be nice to see a 140 with one on and have the same regen problems.