LED Upgrade Pack A6 4F


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Apr 20, 2012
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N. Wales, LL22
i need to upgrade my lights to t8ups leds!! i have the lighting pack?

4 x footwells (currently dim led)
glove box
4 x door bottoms
4 x door reds
2 x visor lights
center light??
rear maps
boot light in roof
2 x boot light in boot lid
2 x numberplate
2 x reverse lights

and an upgrade solution for the dim led strips in the doors
hi, i can upgrade you to my LED´s i am away untill monday so when i am back i can speak in more detail about the lamps as the A6´s are very funny.

Sorry, i was cathing up. is the 4f like a 55reg plus upto 2010?

if so you woud need the same kit as the B8 A4.

just confirm and il give you the kit price and a list of what you will get. :)

Hi Steve, for the avant its £69 posted.

that will include all the interior lights, i will put some number plate led's in there for yo but i dont know what reverse lights you have, if you let me know i will price you up for them :)

etka says a W16W-12V ??? I might have to go take it out and check as i have led rear lights but i'm sure the reverse isn't???

I have an led light strip for a vehicle (12v). I wanna hook it up inside my house, and i want come directly of my computers power supply. the power supply will not be running a computer just the leds by its self. its 250 watts and powers 12v and 5v. What im asking is, will there be too many watts for the leds and burn them out or should it be fine?

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ok, i have a bigger bulb like that, but the fitment is 501, can you measure how large the hole is for the bulb to go through and i may be able to supple a larger one.

yes, i've just been busy working and getting my passat sold! pay day in a few days and i'll give you a shout
Hi Ste,

just finished doing the upgrade on my 4F avant, bulbs everywhere. i can offer the kit for the Avant @ 79 posted. it will have the following bulbs:

front map lights
rear map lights
front dome lights
sunvisor lights
boot lamps for the roof
footwell LED upgrade front and rear
4 x Door puddle lights
4 x red door warning lights
2 x boot door lights

i can throw in the 2 led number plate lamps for you also in this kit.

i have not tried the reverse lights out as i dont know how to get to them so not sure how they will look.

Any questions then please ask.

list sounds spot on, the reverse are easy to get out on my led version lights want a pic?

and the footwell lights i have led already but want to upgrade them, will they still fit?

can you do the lights for the drl's too, the earlier type

Take a picture of how to remove them for me, email them to me - trups_27@hotmail.com

i will take a look and if they work error free i can sell you some, it they error i wont sell them to you.

i can do they DRL's for you, they may error with the LED but if you can get me the current coding or if you are willing to do a small mod we can trick the system?

I have a bulb thats an upgrade for the LED's, you will get 4 in the kit for your car, the green one is the DIM OEM one.

i'll take reverse bulb out get a pic i'll also see if it complains when its out.....

i can get the coding and i dont mind modding

Reverse bulbs are a no go, they error and they dont actully make a differance in light output, i have a reverse cam so checked on there.
i've finally got some time to fit them in the next couple of week!!! how do i send you the £79?
got them, got most fitted but got issues with 4 of them...

Untitled by Ste_Nova, on Flickr

the pair on the left i don't know where they fit! lol
the one marked dome smoked when installed, you can see the burn on the label (view the hi res pic)
the red door marker one is dead, no sign of life

and i didn't seem to get a glovebox one? all the leds were pairs

apart from that they are the dogs ********! :D
Hi Steve.

the ones on the left are are the sunvisor - thats what the SV mean.

i can replace the dome one for you, i did test the all of them. on the red did you try them both ways?

can you return the them back to me and il get a new 2 bulbs out to you.

Get some pictures up :)

Hi Steve.

the ones on the left are are the sunvisor - thats what the SV mean.

i can replace the dome one for you, i did test the all of them. on the red did you try them both ways?

can you return the them back to me and il get a new 2 bulbs out to you.

Get some pictures up :)


humm some of the others fitted the sunvisors?? i'll swap them, i'm out tonight will sort it all at weekend, have to take door cards off to do the ones in the boottom of doors, cause wires are too short to undo plugs!!!!
What did you put in your roof in the boot? you would of got a 4 led for the boot roof and the 2 led for the SV. and then another 36mm bulb 2 led for the plate lamps.

mine was the same in regards to the rear doors, i just undid the bottom of the door card and pulled the wires through.

Let me know how you get on swapping out
plate lights should say NP on them, if not they look like the ones in your picture of the SV ones but are smaller when put next to each other.

PM me your address and il get the other 2 sorted for you so you can finish it off.

plate lights swapped round and working :)
the 2 replacements arrived and in and working

can't get the rear door cards off lol
ok, i''l have a go at that,

i've put the fault ones back in packaging and they should be on way back to you on monday