Know anything about these??

Almost the same set up as the STS that Shark Performance utilise. The Self Tuning System by Shark though is a useful handheld device designed to give you control of your tuning. The STS allows you to switch between your standard and modified ECU map in minutes, and thanks to the intuitive user interface it is simple to use. Also included with the STS unit is an immobiliser function which will disable the engine altogether, meaning the engine will not run even with the keys!

You simply download the cars original map email it to them and they will sent you a performance map back and then you upload it to your car.......simples. Dunno how good UK Chip Tuning maps are though. I would personally stick to the known companies with good reputation and customer support.
Thanks for that, I know about the sts as this is what I want for my car but moneys tight as my track car is taking priority just now, But I was thinking at the price of this ebay item, if it got any good reviews it was to good to miss. But I totaly agree with you these cars are alot of money and you dont want to put crap remaps in them
So i contacted that seller on ebay, and he will actually send you two maps. i've asked if he can provide and Eco Map, and a performance map.

He seems like a pretty nice chap, i might be inclined too purchase just gonna keep looking into it
Can you keep us updated if you do would be interested too...