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Apr 26, 2012
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Bought some S3 parts from a car breaker.

I want to fit it myself, and need to ask a few question. I have the double grill.

1) Do I need specialised tools?
2) How tough is the car reinforced bar? Will a hand saw be adequate?
3) How do I connet the fogs? and it's got washers do I need them?
4) Spoiler, what glue do I use? I'm guessing normal super glue won't cut it
5) I need to cut the rear S3 diffuser to make way for my quad tips, what tool can I use to cut it? I want a nice smooth cut.

Colour is Dolpin grey, my car is lava grey. If I wrap the roof do you think it would look alright?

Mate your going the wrong way about this!

1. tools to fit the bumper... you will need torx screws, dremel and some other bits.
2. have a look for Sarah's 3.2 s3 mod, she shows how its done.
3. fogs, you will need a connector to convert it from H7 to H11.
4. LOL!!! super glue?? you need car body glue like tigerseal or that sort... go to a body shop!
5. again go to a body shop before you mess it up! it will need plastic welding to make it look good.
Thanks for the reply, got the rear spoiler on. Nah won't be using a body shop, don't want a scary bill right now. Because of the sight colour difference, I'm saving up to get the car wrapped, I'm thinking matte grey, not sure yet. If I mess it up all well chin up.
Managed to do the front :p Gave up on the rear, are there any picture guides for the rear?


how many colors :D
just kidding. great job. and results.
The rear is probably easier than the front!! if your rear bumper is ok the spoiler from the bottom of s3 should clip off and then clip onto yours - obviously once you have removed ther bottom section of your rear.
Lol yeah that too, but I can't seem to remove the old bumper. Need help, gonna try again tommorow.

I have unscrew all the wheel arch, under the car, under the rear lights, How do I get to those?
Found a guide, this is the bit I'm stuck on:
Using a screwdriver pop off the plastic covers inside the trunk to access (2) hex nuts using a 10mm deep socket.
Note: Be sure the socket you use is deep enough so it will not bottom out on the post. Use

a magnetic arm to catch the nuts. Dettach the bumper cover from the side of the car, then pull straight backwards to remove

What plastic cover?
Done, wrapping and some new shoes next. Why do people hide plates? I find myself doing it as well


those photos are poor and awful! you should get beaten up by little girls for daring to put up pics like that! go and get some decent pics!! :p
Where shall i start?


Its all a bit OTT with the black.

On a brighter note the mrs says the windows and wheels are shiny?? WTF? she doesn't understand.....haha

+ also i like the grill... everything else has gotta goooooo...
Fair play mate, good effort on your car but here is my opinion
wheels and mirror look cheap and out of place. The wheels I guess you could get away with but how an earth that ugly chrome door mirror is meant to blend in makes no sense to me. Also you have ruined the s3 look by blending in all the s3 details into the wrap. The original s3 has the chrome accents on the grill and shiny alloys which makes it look good, yours is all black with funny looking mirror covers., also the lower valance on the front and rear of the car is now not noticible... It may as well be thr sline rear bumper as the valance has disappeared
hope I don't offend you, just sayin
LOL NO, NO, NO, Mate that's not my car! lol. That's a left hand drive car! I was thinking of having mine wrapped in carbon as well. Wheels I'm going for the Audi 5 ARM ROTOR.

Sorry for the confusion
Dont know why you didnt reaffix the pdc sensors into new bumper, but alas.

Carbon wrap imho would look awful, lower it for sure.
i dont think the pic of that rear with the sensors is his car as he was asking how to remove those bolts so probably just found a random car to illustrate to us what he means.... he has a tendency to use images that aren't his but not actually tell us that before as he just did with the horrible carbon wrapped car
Ah yeah see your point now lol, excuse me, half fluey & half asleep lol.
Haha lol, so what wrap would you suggest? Might try to DIY the wrap, been research youtube vids to get a better understanding of the process.
Doesn't wrapping cost just as much as getting all the bits sprayed the right colour?
Ash just look for PR code 2JU in far right columns, this denotes S3 in most instances :)
Let's have some proper pictures of your transformation! somewhere more "open"

Thanks very much :)

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