Locking wheel bolts???

Speedy Steve

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Nov 14, 2008
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Ok guys had an interesting moment on the M69 yesterday when a front wheel suddenly started to wobble. So pulled straight over and had lost a locking wheel bolt and the other 4 were loose, worst part the wheel nut brace was at home but luckly the miss's was there to save the day.

Now ive got to order a new set of locking wheel nuts. The front have 15mm spacers so really need 45mm long bolts but i dont want to get the Mcguard ones as there crap.Spent 4 hours trying to get a knackerd one of the other halfs corsa the other week so wont be getting them.

Any body know of other style ones that are any good?
Id say get the mcguard one's,because there the hardest to get of,just dont overtighten them,and keep the locking nut in a secure place,with cheeper different versions,after ten times of wheels of on,something rounds of,cheep quality.
the problem with the Mcguard ones is grease monkeys with impact guns kill the lock as they did with the other halfs then when i came to change the drive shafts on her corsa it took me half hour to do one drive shaft change then 4 hours just to get the wheel off. Have also had them on my Renault 5 turbo and they did the same on there.

And theres no way im going at my wheels with a hammer and chisel
I've never had a good experience of Mcguard locking wheel nuts, the removal key crumbles too easily and a lot of garages windy gun locking wheel nuts on (big pet peeve of mine!) and wreck them. If you are running OEM spec wheels id either get Audi OEM ones or do away with the locking wheel nuts altogether and replace with standard nuts (ive done this as mine came with no removal key and i couldnt get a replacement from audi as there was no number printed on the nuts as there should have been)

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