Myy audi a4 1.9 tdi 130 sport!!!! :(

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Oct 27, 2011
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County Durham
It has been loosing pressure from the intercooler for about a week and lost a lot of power and today I drove to work and when I parked up a lot of smoke come for the left hand wheel may it be due to the intercooler? Can someone who has an idea let me know thanks!!!!
The intercooler is situated in the n/s inner wing - so it probably was caused by a leaking intercooler.
What colour smoke and was it smoking after the engine was switched off?
I have had a look at it! Its white smoke I think the brake caliper is sticking its not seized buh its reduceing speed quicker than normal
Sounds like two separate issues to me

Sticking caliper and boost leak on intercooler
If it was the caliper the wheel would be really hot to touch (put your hand near it to check) and it would smell 'hot'

But like Stu siad, it sounds like two issues - if the caliper was binding (sticking) the car would want to veer to one side whilst driving...
Cheeers gus much appreciated am going to strip and clean the caliper up tomorro. And do you think its worth while putting a front mounted intercooler onto it! or will it be a waste of time.
IMO waste of time unless you are going for big power