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Hi guys,

I'm new here and a complete novice for this kind of stuff. Sorry if I get anything wrong!

I own a 1.9 TDI A4 B6 and been wanting to give it a better look. At the moment it's just all standard on the outside. I really like the honeycomb grills with black surroundings but are the honeycomb grills for the fog lights only available on the Gmbh fronts? I was thinking of buying the pattern mesh and placing them onto my current grills and painting the outer chrome to a black.

Ideally I would like to sport this look. B6 A4: Ultrasport Lower Front Bumper with Stock Upper

But I imagine that's quite a bit of work involved.

If I settled for a Cupra splitter how much work is involved and time? Also could I put on Gmbh blades? Just really want to give the car a bit of a better look.

Any help or links would be great!
Just a quick question. All those that are posted in page 1 re: bumpers (front & rear), will they fit a b6 convertible?
None of them I don't think, cabs have totally different bumpers with integrated front grilles etc
So I've decided I want to fit the Gmbh front. I'm getting the car sprayed so thought its best to get this now. But I'm having a hard time finding anyone that sells them new or second hand. Are they a hard thing to get hold of now? Also is it just a simple replacement from the standard front?
What bumper is this?
Just to confirm- Are the Sport B6 bumpers & blades still available from main dealers? I know that main dealers stop stocking OEM parts for models that have stopped being sold for more than 6 years I think?
my car is a b6 3.0 v6 saloon, does anyone know if the lower outer s4 bumper grills would fit this bumper?

I've thought about fitting the s4 bumper but from what i've read/heard there isn't much difference it just is a bit bigger at the front with different grills?

edit - car looks the same (bar the wheels) as the first picture in this thread
S4 bumpers are one piece and do not plot like all the others.
@Frascano the rear? have a look in the sales page i have a rear one with exhaust cut outs very rare.
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does anyone know if I can change the rear valance on this bumper to the twin pipe one it has the twin pipes but they are hud behind the bumper . Or do I have to change the whole bumper 130 tdi sport thanks
Yes you can change just the rear valance to the twin cut out one. The 1.8 turbo cars came with the GMBH kit with the cutouts. The saloon and avant are different though so it will have to be specifically from a saloon.
Yes you can change just the rear valance to the twin cut out one. The 1.8 turbo cars came with the GMBH kit with the cutouts. The saloon and avant are different though so it will have to be specifically from a saloon.
Thanks mate I'll keep my eyes open
That or cut the current one like I did and then added straight trims
Does anyone know where I can get a passengers side votex fog light grill from please can't find one anywhere
does anyone know the part no. for the 3 grills and the fog lights for an s4 b6 front bumper

Right fog light grill 8E0807682B01C
Left fog light grill 8E0807681B01C
Centre Grill 8E0807647B3SR
RH Fog Light 8E0941700A
LH Fog Light 8E0941699A

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hi friends. sorry to be a pain. thinking my front bumper i had was a s4. ive borrowed some grills to see if they fit my bumper, and they are too small. so iam know on the train of thought that it is an rs4. this is the bumper part no.8e0 807 437f. can ayone piont me in the right direction. for the part no. for the grills and fog lights. thank you all so much for your help. it turns out it is from an s4. ive found these bumpers on us ebay. but no idea as to which grills fit it.
many thanks neil
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Post a picture of your bumper to save us guessing, I doubt it's an RS4 item if it's on a B6...
hi mate. thank you for your reply. ive just managed to locate all the parts i need except for the centre grill. but i will go and buy a new one. and finding these parts 2nd hand has saved me a ****** fortune.
If I put on a S4 bumper on my TDI with standard bumper, will the fog lights fit the S4 bumper and grilles???
hi mate the ones from a normal a4 have 3 fixing screws and the ones on an s4 have only two. and are diffent widths appart..
yes ive just got the bits to make mine up. if you check out. what have you done to your a4 today, the pics of mine are in that thread.
if you cannot find it then this is it here


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