Will a S3 Facelift Diffuser fit a 2009 Sline bumper



hi sorry if this question has been asked before but ive just bought a 5 door sline 2009 bumper and was wondering if
the s3 facelift diffuser was a straight fit?? any help appreciated


This is my bumper

this is the diffuser i want

Just to Jump onto this, i would like to know if its the same for the 3dr sline bumper or do you need the whole S3 Bumper/
No it wont fit as the bottom valance holder is integrated into the facelift bumpers, whereas the S3 has an upper bumper, lower valance holder & s3 valance as a plugin as such.
Right i know what you mean now, can i modify my standard bumper instead? its a 2005 sport
It would look rubbish with that sport moulding part in the top part of the bumper, grab an sline upper & s3 valance job done.
this sline rear bumper what year should i be trying to get?

one last thing do you have a price for the rear valance holder and valance??