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May 6, 2012
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SO, There is a rattle coming from my front left wheel. it sounds like a heat sheild rattle but i've tried everything.

Taken off the belly plates, tried to tighten the heat shield bolts etc...

if you kick the wheel really hard it rattle a bit. but it rattles with every single bump you go over.

Taking it to the garage in the morning, but i don't understand what else it could be.
i've tried to rattle the spring and there is no play.

To describe the sound. if i was to get a metal tray and really loosely bolt it to the front bottom left so when it went over a bump it rattled that would be the sold.
no the car is not lowered. its the Quattro S Line, i did hit a pot hole a while ago too which i think brung on the noise
drop link
but i did have a very bad noise
shes banned from the car now
Bez101 That made me chuckle! i've spent 4 hours trying to work out this rattle. the thing is i've taken the wheel off and hit everywhere with a rubber mallet and it won't make the noise. but if i put the wheel on and kick it it does... nothing is loose on the set up.
on my daughters a3
2 garages said ni play in the drop links
ended up replaceing and noise gone
i've got the noise too, and a bit of feel throught steering wheel, and looked at it and never found anything, i'm also thinking that it could be the droplink as my car is lower than stock but i got used to it :D
i will change it when it's time..
Splash guards behind the take discs? They are flimsy metal that rot away. Bare in mind noise can travel so check all under the car and is even e tempted to drop the undergrad round and take it for a spin. Could be anything really.
its not the splash guard either i honestly tapped/shoke/hit everything nothing made any noise... might just get a new drop link and try.. is it called something else as i can't find it on ECP
i've emailed the guy to see if they fit my car if they do i'm going to inspect them how would i tell if they where faulty???
Right, the Guys in top Gear in St Ablans reckon its a Top Mount... So will be getting that sorted as its the first and only rattle... very annoying
so it wasn't the top mount... garage inspected it and they couldn't find a problem... so i took the wheel off myself. Checked everything again, found the breakpad was wobbling.

So i took it off, and found the clip had come a bit loose, so i viced it, got a centre punch and hammer and hit it until the clip was firmly in place.

the back on she went and no more rattle.....