(B5) A4 1.8T Sport Remap..advice


'96 a4 1.8 se
Oct 1, 2005
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to anyone who can help,

I have a '97 1.8T Sport and decided that the std power is not enough for me.
Rather than sell the car, i have been told that a remap will work wonders for power increases.

So, what i am askin is....where would be the best / a good tuning shop to have this done?
How much is it likely to cost and do i have to modify any anything else to cope with the extra power output, eg cooling system?

The car has just touched 100k and i dont want to wreck the engine if it cant cope.

Cheers for the advice.

a year ago i had my Golf GTI turbo (same engine) chipped with an Upsolute chip, it gave 197bhp and 199lbft torque (it pulled like a train) - total cost £305 fitted
The local fitter (simon coe based in chesterfield) will come out to your home or work to fit the chip at no extra cost
I'm saving to get my A4T done as i was so impressed
i also have the D/V changed to a Forge one as i was told any increase in boost can cause it to go
have a look at www.upsolute.com for the figures
Thanks for the advice mate /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif