knocking noise from engine

Dan s3 audi

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Apr 1, 2012
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Took my rocker cover off last weekend, cleaned it up and put a new gasket on with a little high temp silicon sealant as it was leaking befor. Now every morning when i start the car up, when the engine is cold there is a loud knock, knock, knock from the rockercover. it goes after around two minuets of running. Any ideas? its only happened since i took the rocker cover apart

well i took the rocker cover off again and it all looks in order except on the cams, where it is there highest point on there tip the shiny colour has gone and looks a bit pitted. Is this a major problem? also took the sump off cleaned that out and changed the pick up feed. fresh oil and oil filter. When the car is started in the morning its a horrible knock from the top end which just almost goes after a minute. could this be a hydrolic lifter?
Id seriously not run the engine until you have this properly looked at, something is seriously wrong and you risk doing a whole lot of damage if its not fixed pronto.
what was it in the end ? Ive started to get a knock on startup but goes after a couple of mins.
what was it in the end ? Ive started to get a knock on startup but goes after a couple of mins.

Well in the end the problem was coming from one of the conrods as it was a s shape, the pistons had very bad valve damage on them too. It looked like the previous owner snapped the cam belt and threw a new head on the car and sold it quick to me. From there onwards one of the rods must have been slightly damaged slowly bending more and more every time i used it. The noise would have been piston slapping about untill everything had warmed up and exspanded. All fixed now tho nearly 5k later :)