newbie after some hints and tips from you experts

Ric Minton

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Apr 19, 2012
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hi all ive got a 98 a3 1.8t agu and apart from the remap what else can i do to give it abit more beans? the only thing ive done under the bonnet is fit a pipercross panel filter and forge dv, is it possible to increase the boost? and is it easily done? also is intermitten juddering a sign of dodgy coilpack? honestly im not looking at spending mega money but ideally would like to try and get it as close to 200bhp as possible. any help or ideas would be great.. cheers.
Hi Ric, welcome to ASN. Post pics of the car. Have. Read through the sticky threads at top of the page,lot of good info in there. Hope you enjoy the forum :)
get a 3" down pipe for starters.... get a vag com to check for fualt codes will help you guessing... maybe a forge FMIC but yeah ur looking at a bit of cash splash
Not sure if this has tge k03 or the k03s
But worth while mods would be a silicone TIP and a 3" downpipe and decat, both offer a fair amount of gains for the cost
Stage one get a nice exhaust decat system should see you around 200bhp but once you get there u will want more lol trust me !
The Agu will have the Ko3 as its the same engine as i have got in mine.

I no everyone suggests going for the decat but will you struggle to get big power if you want to keep the cat on the car? (save messing around at mot time)
Removal of the cat essentially frees up a few extra hp on any given turbo. So if your turbo is flat out at say 200bhp, then removing the car may take it to 210bhp. If you had a larger turbo, you could run more power and still keep the cat..


Juddering could be the coil pack, but the AGU engine has an ignition control module, ICM, which is bolted to the air box, near the MAF sensor. Check all the plugs and wiring on the ICM and the coil packs.

The ICM failure is common on the AGU but check all the wiring is intact.

It's got 4 little transistors in it, usually one of them will fail completely or like mine fail intermittently and drop me to 3 cylinders every once in a while.

The AGU is a really good engine, couples with a pretty ****e turbo.

To K03-011 that it comes equipped with isn't powerful.... Looking to get more power? Get a K03S on it. WELL worth the money. Bolt on and go.