Removing the Hazard Relay

Dark Knight

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Dec 2, 2011
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Hi guys,

Was wondering if anyone knew how to remove the hazard switch and relay on a facelift A3 please???

my indicators have stopped working so Im replacing the hazard switch as advised but i have no idea how that fascia comes off and the guide in the stickys on here is for a pre-facelift

thanks in advance
I replaced my hazard switch recently on my facelift model. Your fitting might be similar in which case you need to remove the radio. Then unscrew the piano trim and then the switch is accessible. It's a 10 min job provided you have the Audi radio removal keys. I got a set off Ebay.
mines an aftermarket stereo so should be ok stealing some keys from a friend that works at halfords lol

but thanks for that so i remove screws which is better to know as id have just tried to prize it off lol

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