will this fit my car

you are better off getting one of these.


then buying a reducer and a joiner, reducer going from your maf size to 80mm then a 80mm joiner to fix the filter to the reducer.
will it not be easier to buy a kit rather than buying extra pipes to make it fit?
ive used green before with great results, just wanted to know if this would fit without and other parts needed or modified.
thanks coatesy for the link...
the reason i said the jetex filter is it gives the best filtration and gains = to the price of all other filters, if you use the search function on the forum to search for filter testing or something like that you will see the thread on about it. pretty much every one on here uses that jetex filter, also getting a reducer and a joiner off ebay will cost your about a tenner anyway so its cheaper. hope it helps mate

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