A4 avant 2003 brake lights randomly on.


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Jul 23, 2009
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Came home from wurk today and noticed brake lights where on so popped in car turned ignition on pressed down on brakes turned ignition off and problem seems fixed for time being. But I have a funny feeling this is not the end of the matter. Any ideas on this anyone. Help much appreciated in advance.
thanks kite. would this faulty brake switch still operate in this manor when ignition is off? I did have water damage to relays etc a while back under the hood! So hope it is as simple as a brake switch?
I would think so, as I think the brake lights still work without the keys in on the a4's.

So if that's the case a faulty switch could easily cause it to be closed, and therefore turn the lights on.
Thank, I am waiting on a glove box dampner comming in at the stealers so when they give me a fone i will add a brake switch to my order. And if I notice the problem again I will change the switch.