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Dec 21, 2010
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East sussex
Right as my mpg was averaging around 16 mpg (I'm not that heavy footed) I gave the car a full service changed the cts, changed the lambda sensors last year (not original Bosch ones) changed coil pack plus plugs twice checked all breather hoses plus fuel lines for leaks, so yesterday I let the car run to 0 fuel then put £45 fuel in it took it to just over half a tank and I set the computer to 0 and today it's showing I've done 70miles and I've got 10 miles left in the tank, I know fuel prices have gone up but is this excessive or is it right for my 2.6 v6 quattro, please help me I'm at the point where I just want to set fire to the thing (but empty the fuel tank first petrol is worth more than gold dust I think lol)
my 2.8q is currently doing 27.6mpg average, and i do have a heavy right foot,have you changed the fuel filter?
Would a clogged filter not just restrict fuel flow and make it run lean though ?
According to autotrader's 'performance and economy' a 2.6 saloon (non Quattro) should get 30.1mpg combined. 39 mpg extra urban and 21.4 mpg urban.

You need to work exactly what your car is doing in MPG. don't go by the DIS as it wont be 100% accurate. Get the tank as empty as you dare (run it out and have two jerry cans of 'x' amount of litres ready) and a third to get you back to petrol station) Run out the two jerry cans and work out the miles to mpg.

Or get tank as low as poss, fill until pump clicks off, run til empty and fill again. Work out mileage compared to mpg.
I was conviced my old s4 was seriously generous on the MPG read out, claiming around 26-28 but seemed far more thirsty.
if filter was clogged it would not run right and be down on power,if it runs lean then i would expect it to be running hot and also be down on power,neather was mentioned by op,but then again neather was a good service.
It also depends entirely on how and where you use the car.

If you only ever drive it around town, and most of the journeys consist of a start from cold 4-5miles warm up then shut off, the MPG will be really poor.

If on the other hand you only ever do journeys of 100+ miles on the motorway, and spend the whole time doing 65mph you'll see a huge increase.

Personally i dont believe its at all possible to get 39mpg out of a 2.6 V6 Quattro though, so i've no idea how Audi come up with that figure.

My 1.8T's best ever mpg (which will use less fuel than your V6 as its 4 cylinder and turbocharged) over the course of a whole tank, was 33. Might manage a bit more if i did 55mph drafting a lorry for the entire tank, but not any normal driving.

If however the missus uses the car solely for work, which is a 4 mile drive in town traffic, it'll return around 24mpg to the tank.

As dan says above though, you need to brim the tank, drive, and brim the tank again, and then compare miles driven to fuel consumed. That way your getting an accurate picture of whats going on.
Tyre pressures are really important.Cant understand why some never bother .My son checks everything on his S3 but never bothers with the pressures which are often well down

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