I'm Back!

After yesterday morning, I am seriously considering a B8 A4 Tdi avant q haha
When are you breaking this one? :laugh:


Last year this silly woman thought to write off my car early hours of sunday morning...Resulting in a total loss.

The damage on the outside was the front left door and the rear quarter had crumpled itself into the boot, the whole car needed a jig and wasnt worth the agro fixing it so i broke it up for spares.

During the two months of liabilty dispute (She claimed i was reversing up a dual carraigeway :lmfao:) i had the luxury of driving two spanking new cars


then this

they almost had to pry the keys out my hands as i didnt want to give em back...

to console myself with such luxuries i bought myself a FUUULLLLY loaded B6 s4.

Few mods to add to the ridiculous amount of spec already, stuff like fridge in the glove, electric blinds e.t.c.
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Although i love the b6 and will have a hard time breaking it or selling it i just had that itch i needed to scratch

this didnt help either....so many lovely B5s about...i had to have another.

This came along..

I had to have it...

so here we are now....

Oh and i gave the b6 a leg stretch today :):)