A3 8L facelift, indicators suddenly not working

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Dec 2, 2011
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Hi guys, this is my first real post over here on ASN.

got myself a Y reg A3 1.8T sport...everythings been going fine until recently the indicators just suddenly stopped working.

when the stalk is moved the indicators seem to flash once and then stop working all together, this happens both ways and when the stalk is manipulated vigorously lol you can get them to flash every now and then.

The hazards work fine and also the indicators still flash when the car is locked

does anyone have any thoughts???

I have done a little research and seen stuff about relays and them being connected to the hazard switch etc and other people have told me its the stalk etc. if anyone can shed any light. I have just purchased a second hand stalk off of ebay for less than a fiver so no issue with replacing that but not sure if that will fix it or not
Indicator relay has gone mate... common problem... you need to buy a hazard light switch as this has all the relays in it :)

About 30/35 quid

This has just happened to mine. time to find a new one then.
This has just happened to mine. time to find a new one then.
I had this happen on mine, but I'd thought I 'd take a look inside the hazard light switch. There are 2 sealed relays so what I did was to desolder and resolder them. I wasn't expecting much but the relays starting work fine, and continue to work fine over a year on now. I can only assume that the addition of heat might have burnt off some corrosion at the contact points?!
New ones are cheap enough, just a bit of a pain to change.
Mine was all done in about 20 mins. (Ihave had the centre out on a previous A3 so maybe thats why
As already mentioned its the relay which is built into the 'emergency switch' the hazard lights switc to joe public.

They are about £30 from the dealers and pretty straightforward to fit, just be careful when taking it out not to damage any of the surround.
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Common problem. I was looking not so long ago for my wife's car. TPS wanted £49. I thought it was a bit much given that her car is a real beater. Pattern parts was £25-30. Second hand cost varied between £15-30.

I took the part out and gave it a gentle bang (or two) against the dash and hey presto, one working part!

It is a relay inside that tends to stick over time. Simple fix ... if it works! But as everyone said ... its the hazard switch that needs looking at!