Retro fitting heated seat elements to aftermarket seats, best method


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Oct 28, 2010
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I have got some aftermarket Recaro seats for my 8l S3 and the centres are being redone in leather to match the rest of my interior. While its being done I want to have the seats converted to being heated as I have grown a fondness to burning my butt. The car already has heated standard Recaro's so looms are in place just need the elements.

Obvious choice would be to butcher my existing seats but seems a bit of a waste as they are in quite good condition.

Anyone know what other cars were fitted with heated seats that would connect up to the S3 loom. E.g. TT, or are the heating elements resonable money from the dealer/tps?

Thanks in advance

Trying phoning Audi with correct part numbers. They will tell you there and then.
Seems like a whole lot of hassle for a function that quite a lot of us happily live without.
Could you not buy an after market heated seat kit (WAECO HEATED SEAT KIT (RETRO FIT KIT FOR 2 SEATS) | eBay) and retro fit, as the loom to the seats is already in place it shouldnt be to hard to wire in an after market system you just need to identify which pins in the existing plug is the heating element feed then wire the new elements into these and not bother with the loom provided in the kit. Should just be a case of turing the heated switch on and using a multimeter to identify the feeds.
Just get the headed elements from Audi for your seats, if interested PM me your chassis I will look them up on ETKA.

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