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Mar 26, 2012
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i am looking to change my main head light bulb from the standard ones they have in now to a whiter light. posibly either 5k or 6k.

what bulbs do i buy, or will i have to purchace a xenon kit, i.e. with the ballasts and things?

all help will be much appreciated,

i brought osram night breakers just bulbs easy fix and probo the best bulb on the market, not massive amount of improvements but they are good now and look sweet.....As above the xenons will be a problem once the police and vosa start pulling people up for them....
got a set off ebay. just some xenon jobbies (just the bulb not any bits and bobs)
do the job realy well, a lot better then the standerd stuff and cheap as well. mine was only £9.99 for a complete set
you can get just 2 new bulbs for peanuts
don't get those silly xenon mickey mouse ones with the blue film over the bulbs, the really cheap nasty ones off ebay for about 6 quid.

The light beam is poor because it has to travel through the blue filter which dims it a bit. but yeah the light colour is a nice whitish colour. it's all about how good you can see at night not looks. the real xenon bulbs are brighter.

Either buy the proper xenon headlamps for your car (not the diy kit) or just get ordinary bulbs i say.

I have Ring Xenon Max bulbs in mine. 100% brighter than basic ones it said, really good bulbs about £17 a pair on ebay

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