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Jan 5, 2006
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Hi all,

I've got the common 'ABS coming in at low speeds as i'm about to stop'

VCDS hasn't picked up any DTC's as in no sensor failure.

But is there a way VCDS can detect which sensor it is that is activating the ABS?


It will most likely be a cracked reluctor ring, or slightly misaligned sensor.

Log all 4 wheelspeeds with VCDS, remembering it will kick out above 20(i think)km.

Play the file back, and the duff wheel will show as spikes on the graph

If it is the rear reluctor on a quattro, either repair it by welding and grinding/filing (I had two go and tried both methods sucessfully)or you can get one from (I think that's the address) as they were quite hard to find. The front ones are for sale all over the place.
Pretty good if they dont make one currently, they'll make one for free for you, to be able to create a mould etc

ABS Reluctor Rings
That's the crowd I meant, Nigel!

Not very cheap if they don't need yours though -£50ish for 1, although multiples were cheaper IIRC. Fast delivery and ok to deal with. Although Audi will only sell the CV joint with the ring fitted - much more than £50
Thats VAG for you, some parts I have supplied this time last year were iirc £260, now they're over £400, its obscene tbh, its not the dealers either, audi charge a ransom to dealers & I've seen some of there percentages, its awful.