Pics of my avant spring clean and new wheel colour


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Mar 18, 2009
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Sorry about rubbish phone pics will try and get better ones up soon hope you like

Mods are as follows:
DTM wheels finished in satin black - cheers Gphilla
H&R sport springs b5 caps
Eibach spacers 10F 12R
RS 4 black optics grill with matching fog surrounds
Headlights de-egged
Black badges
Pressed plates
35% tints
BSR intake
Cupra R splitter
looking good
the black wheels go really well with the car colour
and you have got the drop bang on
Looks awesome, just done the RS4 grille mod, but not sure how to re-fit my black s-line badge, how did you put yours on fella

Bit of a bodge its an aftermarket black badge that clips in from behind and is helped out with super glue ! lol
Yep I think it's gonna be a Loctite job lol
Just do what i did ebay your s line grill inc badge as the fetch really good cash then buy after market badge and make it fit ! If you want oem fitment though only way with RS4 grill is buy RS4 grill badge and remove RS4 decal and stick on s line but that costs silly money !!!
Ah sorry just reread your post your fitting black badges too ! Ye loctite it !
Nice and different like the look.

Where can I purchase the B5 Spring Caps??
What size H & R springs did you go with, ride height looks great.
Ye pics arent great its phone camera sorry ! Heres a close up off the car


Will post better pics when i can

Springs are H&R sport cant remember quoted drop
Ye wheel off the car i knew what i meant lol
Your car is looking great.

Can I ask some questions?

Where did you get the spacers and the springs from?
What are the B5 cups and why fit them?
Does the intake make any difference? i.e. fit it before remap.
Where did you get the cupra splitter and how is it fixed on.
Lastly, did your car come with the black window trim or have you covered up the chrome? if so, how?

Sorry for the questions but I'm looking to make similar mods to mine.
Spring cups lower front more about 15mm on top of lowering.springs can be used with stock springs also.Buy them from.main dealer.
Window trim is wrapped in vinyl
Cupra splitter is held on with self tapping screws. Very easy mod
Intake makes a subtle.noise its not over the top. Doesnt need to be fitted before remap as to be honest makes little performance difference just sounds good !
Ye its horrible mine had gone milky so had to be done !
Do the grill as well it makes a huge difference!
That sits lovely on the springs and b5 caps

Any chance of bigger pictures?
Will do guys gave it a quick bath today so will post up later tonight
Hope these work out better !






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Online think it was called the plate man or some thing like that ?
Absolutely mint! I love everything you've done, what colour is your car? Looks slightly darker than the silver? Your ride hight is perfect and so smart, good work, hats off to you mate!
Lol i am just out side Hull and the colour is akoya silver
Love the look, where did you get the grill from, and is it an easy job to change? Also do you have a part number for the splitter?

Also the fog light change as well?

Thank's in advance
Grill is Genuein RS4 black optic grill from main dealer cant remember part number try google ? To fit the grill.the front bumper has to come off.
Fog surround is a custom job with RS 4 mesh off ebay its fairly easy mod.
Splitter you can get from ebay if u want to pay over the odds or just main dealer again.
I have posted these before but for those that havent seen it this is my unusual interior crimson leather Fitted as an expensive option when new so dont ask me where i got it sorry ! I love it bit its not to everyones taste lol