Few pics now it's lowered

Alan H

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Aug 14, 2010
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Dudley, West Midlands
Having lowered the car at the weekend I thought I'd post a few pics..

Not good pics will try to do some at the weekend after I've washed it....

A before pic so that you can compare...

Whole car...



Front valance gap to the floor...

Comments etc welcome...

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Yeah, looking really well!

Guess you're searching for a set of wheels now....

Well done. :icon_thumright:
Alan, that looks really good. Are you pleased with it? :)
Yeah, looking really well!Guess you're searching for a set of wheels now....Well done. :icon_thumright:
I am, but they are really expensive at the moment. I'm not prepared to pay £300+ for second hand wheels that need refurbing... Especially the popular ones that suit the car..
Alan, that looks really good. Are you pleased with it? :)
Yes I am pleased Sandra, I thought the front may have gone down a little more, but they may settle a bit more yet. The one thing I am pleased with is that although it's lowered it the ride quailty hasn't been adversely affected. These springs are not far away from OE rating figures...
I'm more impressed with how shiny your car is to notice its been lowered.
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Looking really good, I like that a lot! :icon_thumright: I agree with Andi your car is lovely and shiny! :)
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lowered looks much more tidy, how has it efected the cars ride feel?

It's got a slightly firmer ride now, but not bone jarring. Normal driving is ok, but over speed humps you can tell.

Car doesn't squat so much now either when accelarating.....

I rate these springs over other makes to be honest.
Looks good Alan, I'm a big fan of not going too low!

It's amazing how much better it looks just a bit lower than stock... :icon_thumright:
It's lowered roughly 25mm on the back and 50mm on the front. It's just right in my opinion.
Looks much better.

What are you thinking for wheels?

I really don't know. I'm finding it hard to justify the cost of a set of second hand wheels to be honest. OE are soooo expensive, but after market ones look gash in my opinion.

Any suggestions?
looks great m8 miles better....... i'll be having me a set of them m8