andymac stealth sub installed


2.0T Quattro
Jun 24, 2011
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Just a quick post to thank Andy for the great service and build quality of the sub amp etc i`m in the midlands so taking a trip to him to install was something i didn`t fancy so bit the bullet and installed it my self andy said allow 5 hours lmao took me about 6 but i took my time as din`t want to damage anything. Anyway if you like your b line deffo a upgrade worth having hammers the bose sub hands down put it this way my daughter is 9 and said dad i don`t like this seat no more as it feels like its kicking me in the back!! anyway again thanks andy for the A1 service.

also anyone in the midlands needs a hand to install 1 in the future be happy to lend a hand


Nice one, any photos
Please post some more details ... OEM Bose setup is somewhat lacking in bass for my liking.
I had one of these on my old 8P S3, it made a massive difference. Have been considering one for the 8P, just not a current priority. For around £300 it's a good purchase, nice bass levels and would compliment the Bose speaker set up no end.
I think this is going to be one of my first mods on my new car when it gets here. I have heard great things about it so will see what I think of the Bose first off then go for one of these if I think it needs one. What are the costs peps?

i`ll fire some pics up in the week and i gotta say not a faint hearted mod! big thumbs up to andy for being mad enough to create this mod i just kept thinking how did he come up with this idea lol a lot of work to fit it. To me the bose was good but when your driving the bass blends into the background not no more been down the motorway today to take my mum out about 50 mile round trip and gotta say its a big thumbs up from me if you want some stupid level of bass ie a 19 year old that wants his car to shake then you wont find it but its plenty for me and a total dif bass to the bose sub as said before the bose is a plastic box tupperware i think it`s label was and rightly so its laughable tbh.
Was it a big job? I've been wanting one for ages but I'm a nervous wreck when it comes to 'installing' anything more than a new Magic Tree!
Aye m8 as said above 6 hours for me guess it gets quicker the more you do if you pushing your self at magic tree you wanna stay clear of this mod or get some1 to do it. tbh i was abit like that scared to rip my audi apart i gotta say its about the only car i pulled apart and put it back with no rattles look on andys link you will find the install guide. but deffo worth it