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Apr 19, 2006
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Just wondering if people on here usually fit an uprated downpipe to the Audi S3 oem system and if so is it a straight fit? Read up XS downpipes are a good fitment, is this the best one to go for? How much should a decent garage charge for fitting as they sound a pig to fit !
I am looking to do this as I have uprated rods, FMIC, hoses, badger 5 TIP on its way, and revo stage 1- hopefully looking for stage 2 after this....Comments welcome
Cheers guys and girls
hi mate i did mine and fitted it to the standerd system apart from the slip clamp not sealing very well its all good
Iv just had xs power downpipe and sports cat fitted to standard system, it certainly works, it free'd up some power and gives a nice noise too. Although I would like a cat back system at some point as I need a little noise!
Thanks guys, so I guess it's a straight forward fit to the OEM system, or do you need a reducer?
I am very tempted but it's not cheap for the whole lot! Did you buy you downpipe off eBay? I was thinking decat too because the sports cats are expensive
Have you seen the thing sam Bryant has got going? He's sorting them out from the states with a good saving, he sorted mine out. He has a group on Facebook called relentless k04 upgrade s3 lcr, or something along those lines
I haven't seen the Sam thing, How much for the DP and decat? I have been quoted 260 delivered through XS themselves today, sounds a good price to me
That's not bad, sams getting for £205 delivered roughly, ($325). He's got a fair few but a couple have been unlucky and got stung on import duty
Think I'll be in touch with Sam! Should be ok if it's sent as a gift, is Sam on here?
You don't need to send as gift, but relentless are sending them over labeled as test parts, but a couple gave been subject to random checks which saw them getting a bill, wasn't much though, still works out cheaper
Sams your man.

When doing the downpipe, you may as well do the exhaust manifold too. Just about the two best mods you can do aside from the map.
I don't do Facebook anymore but I have messaged him
On here, just can't decide whether to decat or
Not, or 200 sportcat???
Opinions welcome, if the oem cats are a pain to get off the bolts to refit will be a pin on theory! So will make it difficult mot time
I went for the sports cat, but it seems that you still need to delete the post cat lambda and even then it's hit or miss if the 200 will pass mot, I'd personally save the money and go for decat as most not stations will make it pass ;)
Seams like decat is the way to go, I have looked into the manifold and that seams a very difficult job! Best to get a garage to fit?
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I do have access to ramps but it's my daily driver and I wouldn't have access for that amount of time, been quoted 6hours labour at £300 approx. that's for manifold, downpipe, and decat fitted. You talking £205 for decat, DP, £250 for manifold, £300 labour, that's £755 total! Expensive! Then I would be tempted to Hybrid the turbo at £800 and revo stage 2, talking nearly it really worth it !?
Depends how long your keeping the car and financial position I suppose, I personally wouldnt go to the expense of hybrid as it would also require rods... I
I already have Ingetraged rods ;-p when mine bent eventually from the torque of a remap, rods are a must!
I've done most of the above without the Rods...but we don't want to get into that.

Because of the location and labour, it makes sense to do all at once but this very much depends, as Mentioned above, on affordability, intent and how you you expect to keep.

I decided to take the plunge as I love the car and my turbo had cracked.

I would have stuck with my k04 had I not.

In answer to your questions, yes, the mani, downpipe and sportcat are excellent mods and will enhance the airflow and performance beyond your expectation. The Mani especially.

I also wouldn't always get drawn into the revo / stage bandings. Cars should be custom mapped, it's not a case of one size fits all as all have different parts. Ensure your tuner knows what he is doing.

Hope this helps
I have had the car 7years now and loved every minute of ownership, I spent nearly 2K rebuilding the engine, all suspension parts are new, I have spent £1000s on it, that I couldn't bear to sell!
It seams a shame spending all that money on a revo map and then going custom for another £500!? I appreciate the custom map is the right decision.
So with manifold, downpipe, decat, hybrid turbo, injectors, what sort of power are we looking at? And performance to 0-60mph?