New aftermarket led headlights for the cabriolet, thinking about pulling the trigger

Personally would not touch them with a barge poll - look a bit tacky (and not cheap) and rear build quality not great.
Why is the levelling motor not encased in the assembly as per the OEM unit - won't last long in the elements assuming you are in the Europe/UK.
I'm with Woorlord on this. I work on a VW T4 Van who has a very similar set on. For me if you really want LED lights get a car that comes with them, whilst that's a taste thing the problem I have found with the van that has them is the fit and quality, neither are good.

Plough your money into something else on the car maybe???

Good luck deciding.
I had the same thought about these lights, i thought the black ones looked quite cool but didnt for four reasons:

1) I saw a picture of the back of them, and they looked half finished
2) I emailed the seller and the drl's only work on the sidelight switch.
2) I found a review of similar ones on another car, and the reviewer said they were pants
3) if they were any good someone on one of these forums would have them........ no one has, tells its own story
I am not looking for led, as much as I am looking for replacements for my 04 cabriolet, the lights I have are taking in water at times and they have nasty stuff on the inside and I have read about the orings to fix that leak. And I have read the threads about taking the lens apart to clean them, but If I could find and upgrade or replacement that looked a little diffferent and solved the problem with less work I would be willing to spend the $$
no comment !
I just don't have the patience anymore for a tedious job like heating the headlights and prying them apart with a screwdriver. And I can't see any way to clean them without seperating the lens from the housing, they are quite discolored on the inside.
I bought a set of non-genuine halo lights for my previous car and they were awful - the projector lens was plastic so couldn't take a HID bulb and the beam pattern was worse than the reflector headlights I was replacing..

So I'd steer clear myself.
Keep the standard units .
Keep the standard units .

As CMD or if they are too shabby and you don't want to refurb source some replacement oems through eBay. Go gen IMO
Get some genuine replacements. Get them second hand off eBay. I'm not keen on any of the aftermarket lights if I'm honest.

That said, it is YOUR car so if you want to put aftermarket lights on then go for it. Things would most certainly be boring if we were all the same.