Looking for an A4 B6, What engine??


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Dec 8, 2009
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Hi im looking about getting an a4, after selling my a3 6 months ago im missing audi big time, can anyone recomend what they think the best engine is, was thinking a 1.9tdi.
The 1.9 is indeed a great engine, it depends what your circumstances are though really.
Looking to use as a daily driver, want power and maybe 30-35 mpg. Is it worth reflashing the 1.9tdi?
mines a 1.9 tdi with 6 gears and 130bhp. with the potential to have 170 + with a remap with improved economy, if you drive it right.

very nippy, not too noisey. quite pleased with it
The 1.9 will go to 170bhp very well.

If you're happy with that economy you might like a 2.5TDi too.
how big is the difference between the 1.9tdi and the 2.5?
1.9 TDi fwd and quattro is 130bhp
2.5 TDi fwd is 163bhp
2.5 TDi quattro is 180bhp
Would a remap on a well serviced 1.9tdi, around 100k miles still retain reliabilty?
1.9tdi is a good allrounder - but if I wasn't strapped for cash at the time I would have gone for the 2.5tdi, had a blue 2.5tdi quattro avant on a 52 plate with Votex kit & B5 RS4 wheels drive past me this morning ( whilst I was at the bus stop - Missus needed the car!!!!!) v6 sounds so much better that the 4 pot Diesel!