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Sep 30, 2011
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Just a post to anyone that went to Ultimate Dubs on Sunday, apart from the parking ............. not sure dub goers that spent hours detailing cars wanted to park in Asda and the like to show pride and joy's, but it was fully packed out and a great start to the year of dubbing.
I thought the level of cars inside was amazing with more and more Audi rides on show ... from B6 - B7 - B8 and A3 all slammed and under the lights totally mind blowing.. plush was one stand with a lovely A4 ... Belgium rides out in force, lets not forget slammed Q5

My personnel highlight was my journey home, my lowered B7 shinning from hours of Sat detailing and the 19's spinning, joined by 7 show car's all Audi's in all guise, slowed down , raised hands up (acknowledgment of my ride) asked to joined the 3 lane convoy .. UK and Belgium moment .. was totally awesome in the mix of traffic on the M6

Did see the stand outside and the Yellow S3 and black A3 sport back looked sweet mist the air ride Mk4 golfs and bora's. Its the second time i have been - last time was my friends tuned Mk4 golf and it amazes me, the diversity of the show "but its getting closer to an Audi show" this time i loved it more - maybe that i had a sweet ride to arrive in made it all the better. J :beerchug:
the yellow S3 is actually a A3 :p its syvo's if u look in this section theres a post above u can post pictures ect in if u like.

Dam I wish I'd seen you guys I went back up the m6 too and what an amazing drive it was, every few mins there was a dub can. Oming past just to slow down and give the old thumbs up, what a awesome day it was :respekt:
that would have been my A3 quattro you seen jay cheers for the comment
no worries ............ next year i'll park mine inside - 5 hours cleaning only to park at Asda

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