Will my S3 go into limp mode?



I've recently put a Milltek TBE on my S3. No remap as yet. The EML light has come on a week later. I expected it to come on to be honest.
Basically I just want to know whether it will go into limp mode? or will it be fine to run until I get my remap?

It won't go into limp mode, Matey. The CEL may just stay on until you get your remap which will turn it off, but it won't do any harm. It's just the post cat Lambda sensor registering the cat efficiency level change due to the TBE being fitted. Does your Milltek have a 100 cell or 200 cell sports cat? 100 cell cats are more likely to pop the light on. I've got a Blueflame 200 cell cat and the CEL didn't come on at all before the remap. :wub: xx
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Yer with my 200 cell cat the light didn't come on before I got it mapped out.
I have a 100 Cell. I was just worried that the EML light would send the car into melt down and i'd be stuck at 5mph all day.

Has there been any cases of limp mode once changing exhaust?


Not sure if there are reports of limp mode after CEL coming on, but if it bothers you, you could fit a Lambda Spacer to the post sports cat sensor and this will - in most cases - prevent the CEL from coming on. I honestly don't think you will have any problems, other than the pesky CEL being on your dash. :wub: xx

Awesome - 42 Draft Designs O2 Sensor Spacer
Doesnt bother me too much that is on, its not even that bright, I was just driving onto the M5 when i noticed and thought **** so pulled over and double checked the handbook symbols :)

ill be getting remapped asap so all should be good.

Thankyou again

Ok the lights gone out? Thought it had to be switched off by plugging it in?
It must have gone out because the O2 levels have returned to a normal level for the post cat sensor/ECU. You might not see it again, ..you'll get your remap and won't even have to think about the CEL again, lol. :wub: xx
Funnily enough I was in manual mode driving like a complete flopper when it went out. Ill just keep it flat out for now :)

Would love a remap! it's either Shark stage 2 for £299inc or I can get revo stage 2 for £480inc or AMD £499inc with rolling road.

someone point me the right way. I'm sure Revo will be the top hit? but Value for money shark? Shark has had some good reviews up to present:-/
That's what happens, when the car is cold, there is more chance of the CEL coming on and when warmed up and giving it some beans, it will go out. That's why you are always recommended to warm your car up fully before taking it for an MOT (if you have a TBE fitted), so that it will pass the emissions test.

No complaints from me about Shark, I love my Stage 2 map. In fact it's got me thinking that I don't even want to go to Stage 2+ anymore as my need for speed is fully satisfied with it, lol. :wub: xx