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Nov 24, 2010
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I'm finally getting my *** in gear and looking at tyres for my new rims.

I got the tyres size and make sorted out.
I'm trying to find a place that will fit the tyres to rims with out damaging them and with out charging to much.

My problem at the moment trying to not pay over the odds for the fitting.

What is a good average price for fitting new tyres to new virgin alloys?
I've been quoted £12-£15, this seems a bit much.
The last time I paid for tyres that I supplied to be fitted to alloys it was £5, this was about 6 years ago in Bristol.

The couple of places I phoned up said that they only balance the front wheels and not the back.
Is this normal?

This is like such a noob question and I am sorry for it but I've not done this for years.
only balance the front wheels wtf?
at todays garage rates, for people who arnt total idiots with good modern tyre machines, 12-15 sounds about right tbh.

if youd bought a tyre machine for £2000 and balancer for £800 and was employing some one to operate it @8.50 an hour........ would you fit tyres for £5? no you wouldnt!
Last time I bought tyres online for the cheapest price I could find. I was out when they arrived so had to go and collect them. Found a garage who wanted £15 per wheel and went back at an agreed time and they kept me waiting for an hour. In the end it worked out £5 cheaper than the price I can get this time on Blackcircles so I'm going for that option and hopefully won't be kept waiting this time:)
I wouldn't let anyone near my car who says they don't normally balance rear wheels. What about if you choose to rotate them later on?
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its true youd get away with the rear wheels being 20-40 grammes out of balance without feeling it. but 10-20 grammes out on the front youd notice it depending on suspension design on the given car.
so yes balance is more critical on the front, hence why, if you had a bent wheel youd fit it on the rear........ but still youd balance every wheel reguardless even if you had a bent wheel.
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If unbalanced the car tyres can use more on one part or in certain places of the controls, with regards to the suitable. The extra time spent on wheel balancing is well value it. New car tyres may seem expensive but they can preserve you so much money in repair, as well your safety guarantee.

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