Lifespan of a gearbox?


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Aug 23, 2009
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Morning All:

Wondering how long my gearbox is expected to last. I can't find any service intervals information for gearboxes.

It's an S Reg A6 2.5TDI Quattro Avant with 165k. Several owners. Remapped (no chip).

Good service history, all up-to-date.

When the box goes it'll be a write-off so what to know when to start looking for a replacement as I can't afford to be without a car.

Thanks :)
They are said to be sealed for life but the oil can be changed and that must help.The ATF has been changed in my Tiptronic but I assume the manual is easier
I'm sure I've read - probably on this forum - that these boxes are Getrag boxes and one of the strongest in the Audi range, so I wouldn't worry.
And your mileage is quite low - I've got 150K on my 2002 plate A6 2.5TDi Quattro.
these manuals are solid things. even by the time the whole car is so worn out that your backside is dragging on the floor and youve only got 20bhp left in the 500k engine. the g'box will be still be fine.

an oil change with the correct vag spec oil wouldnt hurt.